If I Lived in an Ice Castle

My life as an Ice Queen living in an Ice Castle…
Check out all the other places I’ve lived!
If I Lived in a Store – http://bit.ly/2Cyl5ca
If I lived in a Candy Store – http://bit.ly/2CyHQws
If I lived in Disney Land – http://bit.ly/2C9aad3
If I lived in a School – http://bit.ly/2EHeiTt
If I lived in Starbucks – http://bit.ly/2sJXl5j
If I lived in Barbies Dream House – http://bit.ly/2EFZNey
If I lived in a Gingerbread House – http://bit.ly/2olGvnU

Thank you to Ice Castles for letting me shoot there! http://bit.ly/2sHvoLo

Thank you to @LankyBox for doing the graphics for this video!

Dress by @RikiDalal_Bridal http://bit.ly/2sJm8WY
Contacts by @DesioEyes (Innocent White) http://bit.ly/2sDeP34
Crown by @CrystalEclipseCrowns http://etsy.me/2sJQdpz
Face Crystals @GoGetGlitter http://bit.ly/2Fj0ThA


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End Card created by @ItsDreamCat on Instagram! Check her out, her edits are amazing!


End Song is “Crazy” by Adam Fine: https://soundcloud.com/adamfine/crazy
Check out Adam’s other music: https://soundcloud.com/adamfine

Thank you for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! You guys make me so happy and I hope to do the same for you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I love everyday.
Love, Cloe Breena

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