Fidget Spinner Cut With 1000 Degree Knife! How To Make Fidget Spinner Slime! Gummy Candy Challenge

I show you how to make an epic rare SIMPLE fidget spinner slime cut by a 1000 degree knife experiment! DIY How to melt crayons into fidget spinner that actually spins, and does fidget spinner tricks best toy DIY life hack 2017!! I try to eat GIANT gummy candy hot dog pickle worms and even cut edible real vs. gummy candy with AMAZING 1000 degree knife GONE WRONG. Then I am playing with kids fun satisfying purple kinetic sand activities with friends. It ends with a Giant Orbeez full pool bath!

First I got FIDGET SPINNERS! Not liquid mirror gallium rare fidget spinners that melt in your hand or slime fidget spinners just normal ones. I tried to do some fidget spinner tricks but I’m not a pro. But I decided to do a fidget spinner surprise challenge showdown and do an EXPERIMENT.

I got the 1000 Degree knife out and cut various objects! I melted fidget spinners and giant gummy candy! I melted $2 vs $10 fidget spinners and cheap vs expensive unique craziest fidget spinners.

Then I decided to do a DIY! How to make your own diy fidget spinner CRUNCHY SLIME! I had so much fun playing with different types of viral slimes! We didn’t make edible slime but I did eat EDIBLE Giant gummy candy! I ate gummy food but not real food!

I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy video!

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